Tall Ships and Tavern Tales

- a voyage in song from the high seas to a dockside ale house

Exmouth Shanty Men

The Exmouth Shanty Men are pleased to announce the release of Tall Ships and Tavern Tales, a double album of songs from their two part stage show of the same name. The first disc has 17 traditional sea shanties from the era of the tall ships the second a varied collection of 16 numbers, some but not all traditional, 'which sailors might have enjoyed singing in a dockside tavern'.

The album was recorded by Wild Goose Studios, who specialise in English traditional folk music. It is released on the Wild Goose Record label, whose artists include Belshazzar's Feast, Jim Causley, Roy Harris, Tim Laycock, Mick Ryan and Paul Downes.

Tall Ships and Tavern Tales was launched at live concerts in Krakow, Poland and our home base of Exmouth. As Dai Jeffries says on his highly respected website, "If you have a taste for songs of the sea Tall Ships And Tavern Tales will be a treat"

The whole CD or individual tracks can be purchased from this website (see 'shop' and 'downloads' pages) and from Wild Goose Records at